College is not for everyone

Haydon Wyant, Staff Writer

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Going to college? A fair amount of graduating seniors are, but there are quite a few of those who are not really into the idea.

“I hate school. I have always hated school,” senior Matt Stevens said.

When is it going to stop being acceptable for those who do not enjoy learning in a classroom environment to continue on to university? The excuse of ‘well it’s what my parents want me to do,’ should be ignored. Why not go to a college or university where you get to focus on what you enjoy or not go at all in order to pursue that?

While these questions may seem hypothetical, they really are not. Taking a year off to figure out exactly what you want to do with your life is certainly an acceptable plan of action. Too many people focus on what their friends are doing or what the others seem to do instead of paving their own path.

This is the last time anybody in the senior class is required, by law, to go to school. You are choosing to continue and are accepting the things that may come because of those actions.

College is expensive. The average cost of one year at a public, four year university is around ten thousand dollars. For a private college those prices can rise into the twenty-five thousands easily. Going into that much debt when you are not absolutely sure that it is what you want to do is a ridiculous and unplanned decision that will put you in debt for a good amount of time.
In the end, the decision is yours, not your parents’. If it is something you do not mind taking head on, then more power to you. Other options are always available to you, and they should not be taken lightly. You can always choose to go back to school, so why throw yourself into it when you are not exactly sure what you are going to do?

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College is not for everyone