Fidget Spinner Craze

Jaclyn Adamson, Editor-in-chief

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In the past few months, devices called fidget spinners have been popping up in schools around the world. The device is pretty simple to use and is perfectly balanced so it can spin for long periods of time without dragging. They are designed to help students that suffer with ADHD and other forms of attention disorders. They allow the child to use their hands and also be engaged in class at the same time.

They were invented by Catherine Hettinger in order to solve problems she saw in the world around her.

“It started as a way of promoting peace, and then I went on to find something that was very calming,” Hettinger said according to Time Magazines MONEY section.

It is also reported that the inventor is making no profit from the sudden increase of popularity of the spinners. They are available on Amazon or Both websites offer lots of options including a variety of colors and spinners that only have two legs instead of the regular three. There is also a big price range for the spinners depending on the quality and style of the one being bought. They are available in bulk for stores to buy and sell at their location.

Even though students are enjoying the new toy, teachers and administration are not. According to CNN, the spinners are being banned all over the country. They are being labeled as a distraction and not permitted in classrooms. This might be because the spinners are being used mainly by people who do not have an attention disorder and are therefore not learning.

Now that the spinners have transitioned from attention disorder devices to toys that YouTubers are doing trick videos for. It is unclear whether the spinners will be just a passing trend or if they will stick around for the long haul.

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Fidget Spinner Craze