Royals start off strong

Savannah Cox, Copy Editor

The Royals have started off their season well with a game streak of 6-6. The first couple of games started with the Royals losing to the Minnesota Twins for all three of their games. They then came back to win against the Houston Astros in Houston.

At their home opener, they paid tribute to Yordano Ventura, who died tragically in a car accident in January in the Dominican Republic, by letting Ventura’s mother throw out the first pitch. The home opener was filled with tributes to Ventura. Aside from his mother throwing the first pitch, there were pictures of him on and off the field as well as a saxophone rendition of “Amazing Grace”. The players even acted as pallbearers and unfolded a black-and-white banner that simply read “ACE 30” behind the pitcher’s mound.

They continued that game but ended up losing to the Oakland A’s 2-0. Their season has been full of ups and downs from losing a few games in a row to various teams to winning all three games against the Los Angeles Angels. The Royals are preparing to play the San Francisco Giants and are hoping for a win at home.