Big Sean “I Decided” Review

Charles Clark

For those who are unaware of who Big Sean is let me just say he is the music industry’s biggest nobody. While that sounds harsh it is the truth. Big Sean’s past is filled with borrowed sounds and styles while making no noteworthy contribution to the music industry. When it comes to this new album not too much has changed.

I Decided is Big Sean’s fourth studio album and arguably a rip off of Drake’s mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. The album contains 14 tracks that add up to be just under and hour long and the vast majority of these tracks contain the sort of moody rapping and singing mix that is common in Drake’s signature style. The tracks also contain very ethereal and atmospheric beats similar to the ones found in Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.

With all of this being said the album is not even close to bad. While Big Sean sounds like the Great Value brand Drake, he does it very well. Songs like Bounce Back, Moves, No Favors, and Halfway Off The Balcony were some of the true highlights of the album and very memorable tunes. Bounce Back comes in with a very ethereal and nocturnal beat produced by Metro Boomin’ and a very strong hook, the song No Favors has to do more with the feature from Eminem which is hard to ruin due to Eminem’s lyrical prowess, and Halfway Off The Balcony has one of the most enjoyable and memorable hooks on the album.

Another thing that was enjoyable about this album was the music videos to Bounce Back, Moves, and Halfway Off The Balcony. Bounce Back and Halfway Off The Balcony have many visuals and colors that seem to be heavily inspired by older vaporwave and synthwave digital art and the music video to Moves came with some interesting video effects that were just kind of goofy and entertaining to watch.

All of these changes are welcome ones from the past projects that featured mostly boring and unmemorable songs and uninspired, greyed out visuals. Overall this is Big Sean’s best work by far and fairly well done even if it comes off as being a poor man’s Drake album. If you need a number value for an album I would say I Decided is a solid 6/10.