Gardner Edgerton High School alum killed in two-car accident

Charles clark

A car crash in Linn County leaves two dead, one of which is Gardner Edgerton High School alum Issiah “Jamon” Pendergrass.
According to KCTV5 the crash happened at 4:13pm on Feb 18 on Linn County Road.
A 1993 Honda Accord was heading southbound when the driver failed to stop at a stop sign and rear ended a 2001 Ford Expedition.
Both vehicles were sent into a ditch and the Honda crashed into a utility pole.
A passenger of the Ford, Trisha Vail, was killed while the driver of both vehicles and an infant passenger of the Ford were taken to the hospital with injuries.
While Pendergrass was wearing his seatbelt, Vail was not.
Pendergrass was a graduate of the class of 2016 and a friend to many who still go to our school.
“Jamon was the epitome of a free spirit and just a kind soul,” senior Mason Brooks said.
According to Brooks the driver of the vehicle Pendergrass was in was a stranger to him.
“I think it’s a good lesson in the sense that if you’re going to get in a car with someone you should know them,” Brooks said.