What’s behind the GEHS name tag

Walt Cochran, Marvin Diener, and Rachel Lee share their unique hobbies

Marvin Diener

Staff member Marvin Diener is known by many names. He’s mister, coach, and just Diener, but he is also known as an artist.
One of his hobbies is painting, and he paints pictures of various things.
He started painting about 15 years ago when he began to have free time to do it.
“I’ve got pictures of my kids and what they do, and my dogs. It’s not all sports stuff, but most of it is,” Diener said.
That’s not all he does, he also used to ride horses, he plays golf, and he coaches football here at the high school.
He is living proof that teachers do have a life outside of school.

Walt Cochran

A.P US History and US History teacher Walt Cochran enjoys photography.
He takes pictures of primarily wildlife, but he also takes senior and family portraits, and pet photography.
He started the hobby of birding. Birding is where people loom for different types of birds for leisure.
After 10 years, he then began to take pictures of his finds.
“I enjoy photography and fishing as they both incorporate the idea of spending time outdoors, unplugged from society and devices,” Cochran said.
He invites people to see some of his work at Groundhouse Coffee, his website www.waltcochranphotography.com, or to like Walt Cochran on Facebook and Instagram.
It is a big part of his life and he enjoys his time outside of school.

Rachel Lee

Biology and genetics teacher Rachel Lee specializes in cosplay.
Cosplay is short for costume play, it’s where people can make costumes and show them off at special events, primarily Comic Con.
She started this hobby when she started college in 2003, so she’s been doing this activity for roughly 14 years.
“It’s a fun way to have an artistic way of expressing myself,” Lee said. “It’s challenging in different ways, but then I get to make something pretty.”
She shares this with her friends who also do this, and her boyfriend who stands alongside her in costume.
Her hobby is unique, and she said that she truly enjoys it.