Trump’s cabinet nominees

President Trump nominates people to serve in his Cabinet during his presidency

Savannah Cox, Copy Editor

President Donald Trump is in the process of choosing his Cabinet for the next four years of his presidency. He started appointing, officially, as soon as the election was over and is finishing appointing the positions that remain.
According to, established in Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, the Cabinet’s role is to advise the President on any subject he may require relating to the duties of each member’s respective office.
Before the nominees can officially be in the Cabinet they must be approved by the Senate. According to AM New York, the vote requires a simple majority. It is very different from the appointment of Supreme Court Justices, which requires an approval of at least 60 senators. The senate must confirm over 1,000 positions in the executive branch.
When a nominee is selected they must go through a background check and be cleared by the FBI. The nomination is first reviewed by a Senate committee and then is referred to the full Senate and a simple majority must be met.
Many of Trump’s picks were chosen due to financial reasons. They supported Trump in his campaign and gave him money. Some were also businessmen and women that also worked with Trump before he ran for office.
Most of Trump’s picks had a personal connection with him throughout the election. They are either businessmen and women, who work with the government or support him financially.


A look inside Cabinet:

Secretary of State: General James Mattis
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
Secretary of Treasury: Steven Mnuchin
Secretary of Education: Betsy Devos
Secretary of Health & Human Services: Tom Price
Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson
Secretary of Homeland Security: General John Kelly
Secretary of Veteran Affairs: David Shulkin
Secretary of Interior: Ryan Zinke
Secretary of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue
Secretary of Commerce: Wilbur L. Ross
Secretary of Labor: Alexander Acosta
Secretary of Transportation: Elaine L. Chao
Secretary of Energy-designate:James Richard Perry
Secretary of Housing & Urban Dev.: Ben Carson
U.S. Trade Representative: Robert Lighthizer
Director of National Intelligence: Daniel Coats
Director of Management & Budget: Mick Mulvaney
Director of CIA: Mike Pompeo
Administrator of the EPA: Scott Pruitt
Administrator of Small Businesses: Linda E. McMahon
UN Ambassador: Nikki Haley
White House Chief of Staff: Reince Preibus