Recognition they deserve

Lilli Clark, Staff Writer

Throughout history, women tend to get the short end of the stick when it comes to earning respect for the sports they play. Boys’ sports tend to get more acceptance and fans than girls’ sports do.
These things have certainly changed in time, but women still are not getting the credit that they deserve in sports, especially since they work as hard as men do.
Women’s sports did come later in time since women did not have rights back then, but since then times have changed and women’s sports have become bigger around the world. Yet, they do not get enough notice from fans and TV networks.
As one may flip through the sports channels on their TV you see, the NFL, NBA, MLS, and the MLB. The women’s sports are always broadcasted on smaller TV networks since for some reason they do not get as many viewers.
One may wonder why all of this happens. Are women not good enough? Do men think women’s sports are a joke? It’s upsetting to think that playing a sport at a high level does not attract fans because you are a woman.
People may say that, “Girls are not good at sports,” or “Women never win so fans do not go.” Females deserve the same recognition that boy’s sports get, without a doubt.
One may be at a boys’ soccer game and the student section is going crazy, and cheering on the boys. Come spring, girls’ soccer games are starting and the student section is half the size that it is for the boys in the fall.
Fans are not the main part of why women’s sports are not recognized, men and women’s pay is also different. When the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team won the World Cup in 2015 the team won $2 million dollars. The year before that when the German Men’s Soccer Team won in 2014 they took away $35 million dollars, additionally any team that got knocked out in the first round left with $8 million dollars which is four times as much as he Women’s championship team.
Hopefully in the future women’s sports will become as popular as men’s. As for now, women continue to strive for their goals and get the appreciation they have been playing for all these years.