Shining Shouting Student Section

Jaqui Carey, Staff Writer

Throughout the last couple of years, Gardner Edgerton’s student section has made a name for themselves. From Friday night football games to away basketball games, senior Nolan Fuzzell describes the student section to be “loud, obnoxious and energetic.”
Even though there are multiple students who participates in the student section, there are some students who do not participate for other reasons such as simply not wanting to come out and support their school or because they have to work.
“I don’t usually have time to attend games because I work,” junior Matthew Becker said. “But when I have the opportunity to, I go to the games.”
According to an anonymous survey, some students do not participate because they are fearful they will get made fun of by their peers for showing school spirit.
“You just have to get over your fear,” Fuzzell said. “You just have to be loud and everyone will like you if you participate and be yourself. Do not be scared to support your team just because your peers won’t accept you for it. Just be a fan.”
Senior Dylan Mars is another student who participates in the student section. Mars believes that the student section is like a family.
“I feel like as a school and as a family we should come out and support one another. I don’t really think it’s about the sports part. It’s about supporting your friends and what they love,” Mars said.
Mars and Fuzzell are two of the few students who attend almost every school sporting event. Both boys are known as “student section leaders” because they help lead the student section in chants and cheers.
Fuzzell started attending school events his sophomore year and has attended almost every game so that he could support his fellow friends on the teams and show school spirit.
“I love supporting all my friends on the teams and encouraging them to work hard out there” Fuzzell said.
Not only is the student section a place to cheer on and support your athletes, it’s place to “hang out with my friends and just have fun,” Mars said. Students are often reminded and encouraged by social media, athletes and other peers to go and be involved in school events. They are also reminded of the theme of the game, where the game is located and the start time.
“Student council comes up with a theme that everyone can do, not just some people. If someone needs to know the theme, just follow social media like me but we usually find out by word of mouth,” Fuzzell said.
When it comes to the athletes out on the court, who says that the louder the student section is, the better they play.
“As an athlete, I feel when I see my friends at my soccer games being as competitive as can be, it makes me fight harder and makes me think, ‘If I can win this, it makes them feel satisfied’ so it makes me play hard,” Mars said.
Everyone is encouraged to come out and support their boys and girls in blue no matter what the event is.
“If you come sit through one of their games, they will come out and support you. Support for your friends and they’ll support you for sure,” Mars said.