“Seussical the Musical”: not the average musical

MaLynn Pierce, Staff Writer

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The theatre department is at it again with another play coming to the auditorium. The members of the theatre department would like to present to you, Seussical the Musical, inspired by the works and writings of Dr. Seuss.
This school has never shied away from doing multiple musicals a year and yet this one is said by cast members to stand out for parents and kids of all ages.
Audience members of all ages have always been allowed into every play that has been presented. However the universal part about this play is that it is focused around Dr. Seuss, and people around the world have heard his name.
Sophomore Nate Sawchak, has been in only one play and one musical before. However, he says that this one is a lot more energetic than other ones, and anyone can understand.”
“It’s a whole bunch of characters from your childhood and all of your books you used to read, and it is all put together into a musical pretty much,” Sawchak said. “Everything is really fun and it’s just a really energetic musical.”
Sawchak is going to be playing the role of JoJo, or “the boy,” who is featured in both the film, and book, Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss.
Cast members of the musical each have their own opinions about what the play is truly about.
“It is about becoming someone you’re not,” Olivia Hogue said. “But also making yourself that person.”
Sophomore JJ Briscoe, who plays Cat in the Hat, gave a sneak peek on what the audience can expect to see.
“The whole storyline of it is you have this kid JoJo who is thinking these crazy things, and basically he thinks of this amazing world where an elephant hears Whos,” Briscoe explained. “You have Gertrude, kind of the love interest for the story who is trying to just get Horton’s attention from the egg and from the speck. And then you have JoJo watching this story, but he is also in the story, by getting sent to Cadet School because he thinks too crazily.”
Briscoe also says that it is just a story showing how important you are, it doesn’t matter who you are, how big you are, or how small you are.
So whether you’re a red fish, or blue fish, one fish or two fish. Perhaps maybe you heard a who or you are in need of Thing One or Thing Two. The cast has requested that all come to see, what this musical has transpired to be.

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