Presidential candidates square off in their first one on one debate

Jaqui Carey

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton participated their first head to head debate Tuesday, Sept. 26.
According to NBC news, 52 percent of people who watched or followed the debate on social media said that Clinton won the first debate, 21 percent said Trump won and 26 percent said neither of the them won the debate.
Both candidates shared their points of view on the topics of immigration, national security, domestic terrorism, economy, health care, crime, race and trade.
Trump and Clinton, often butting heads, disagreed with one another on many topics
According to NBC News.
During the debate, there were many insults thrown around from both candidates.
“Trump was explaining his position on the issue thoroughly and respectfully, while Clinton was caught up with personally attacking Trump,” senior Blake Rhoney said.
While there are many issues, immigration is Trump’s top issue according to NBC News.
Trump supports building a physical wall on the nation’s southern border, forcing Mexico to pay it, NBC reported.
“I think that what Trump is planning to do is more beneficial and safe for the U.S.,” Rhoney said .
On the opposing side, Clinton says she will continue with current president Barack Obama’s executive orders to protect some undocumented workers from being deported.
“I think her plan could be improved, but it is definitely better than Trump anything,” sophomore Kylie Adden said. “What Clinton is doing to improve our country is not a perfect picture but it will get us to where we need to be.”
The second presidential debate will be on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 8:00 p.m.