Shiny, sleek, new: iPhone 7

Apple’s completely redesigned iPhone 7.

Lilli Clark

Apple’s completely redesigned iPhone 7.

Lilli Clark, Staff Writer

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The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released on September 16.
Many people may say that the iPhone 7 is no different than Apple’s iPhone 6s that came out in September 2015. However, the 7 has been modified in numerous ways.
The iPhone 6s comes in rose gold, gold, space gray, and silver. However, Apple came out with two new colors, black and jet black to add to the 7’s line up.
The designers at Apple removed the headphone jack. If you want to listen to music you will need to use the lightning adapter headphones that come with the phone, or you can purchase the AirPods which are Apple based bluetooth headphones that you can buy for $159. You can also use the adapter to plug in three and half millimeter headphones into.
You can still use the old Apple headphones if you do not like the new ones. The iPhone 7 comes with an adapter that plugs into the charging port of the phone, allowing for headphones and auxillary cord to be plugged in.
Where the headphone jack used to be they added another speaker. The iPhone 7 is now two times louder than any other iPhone.
The removal of the headphone jack is the most inconvenient feature; you can no longer listen to music with headphones and charge your phone at the same time.
The best improvement of the new iphone is arguably the new camera, consisting of a f/1.8 aperture, and a six lens camera, according to Apple. It is now possible to take better pictures in low light. The front-facing camera is now seven megapixels to allow better selfies.
“The new camera is amazing, I’m like a professional at taking pictures now,” Junior Parker Guffey said.
Along with the camera, the iPhone itself has an A10 Fusion Chip which is the most powerful chip in any phone out there. The chip provides the longest battery life in any iPhone, and the 7 is two times faster than the iPhone 6.
Along with the new phone, Apple also released iOS 10. The new update provides a complete makeover of your photos, messages, news and many other apps.
iOS 10 has changed text messaging in many ways, and it is the best part of the update. In messages you can now write in invisible ink, add a personal touch to your photos, tap words to replace them with an emoji, and the keyboard now has GIFS and stickers.
“iOS 10 is definitely more futuristic and cooler, but only on a few apps,” Guffey said, “It still feels like iOS 9 in most ways.”
“It’s a great phone and I love having the newest version of the iPhone” Guffey said.

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