Cheering on the boys of fall

Lilli Clark, Writer


This is the Blazers Student Section led by Seniors Dylan Mars and Nolan Fuzzell and Juniors Jacob Leseberg and Cameron Schultz.

Being in the student section gives them purpose, and a rush of all emotions cheering on our boys in blue.

“I love football games because a good chunk of my friends play football for the school and I like to go out and support them. That is the time when we get to bond and be there for our friends in doing something they love,” Mars said.

Friday nights aren’t just any other night for these four high schoolers, it’s the night out of the week where they get to cheer on their school and show their pride.

Well I just think at the end of the day you are there to just support your friends and you know they are trying their hardest to win the game and that’s all that matters,” Mars said.

All four of these boys go out every Friday and try to get the students as pumped up as possible no matter the outcome of the game.

“You have to have a game plan going into it and also you have to be able to project [your voice]. If you’re not loud you may as well not be at the game,” Schultz said

To prepare for the game each boy has their own ritual that they do every game.

“Every game I usually paint my friends numbers on my face and body, then I do a pregame prayer and at halftime we do a prayer to the Diener Gods to help us continue with lead or encourage to retake it.” Mars said.

Some people may think it is a lot of work to lead a section of hundreds of kids, but with help from all four. No matter what the outcome of the game, the boys are always having a great time.

“I just enjoy being in the environment that our student section provides, no matter the score I always enjoy myself and cheer the whole time,” Leseberg said.

The boys all have a good time staying and watching the whole game no matter the score.

“My favorite memory from last year was when we were playing Olathe South and it was raining and everyone but a small group of people had left and we won the game and got to storm the field to celebrate as one group,” Mars said. “It was just special being together on the field knowing we were on top.”