Food Review – Blazers Restaurant



Inside the blazers restaurant to get a feel of where Turner and Ethan were while reviewing Blazers.

Ethan Hunting, Writer

Blazers Restaurant is a staple of Gardner, Kansas, known by many in town for its close relation to GEHS and good food. Ethan Hunting and Turner Brown decided to put it to the test, and see how it ranked among other Gardner establishments.

Ethan got the Double Blazer Burger and Curly Fries. He noted that the size of the burger was adequate for the price, and the flavor was good, albeit a tad bit too mustardy for his taste. The patties were cooked well, and the topping ratios were perfectly on point. The only major flaw was the stability, as the buns seemed both too small and too fragile to handle the size and weight of the burger itself, causing many parts to fracture or crumble completely. However, eating the burger upside down allowed this to be a non-issue as the top bun had enough strength to handle the weight.

Turner got the standard Blazer Burger but decided to chicken out and order with no onions, pickles, or mustard, along with French Fries. He also agreed the portion size was reasonable, and unlike the double, stability proved to be obsolete from the eating experience. He did note, however, that the burger included a bit too much lettuce, but not enough to fully distract from the rest of the burger, rather it was just a tiny nitpick. He also observed the burger could have used a bit more cheese.

As for the sides, both types of fries proved to be excellent. The standard fries had a shockingly consistent texture, walking the fine line between crispy and tender perfectly. While a bit bland on flavor, this was easily circumvented with a dash of salt. The curly fries, on the other hand, seemingly lacked the consistency of texture, with some being near burnt and others seeming borderline undercooked. While unideal, the side was saved by an unexpected kick in flavor, giving it much more personality as a dish than the standard fries.

But as everyone knows, there is always more to a restaurant than just its food. The service itself was exceptional, with all employees treating customers very kindly and serving every dish with a smile. The seating was shockingly adequate given the relatively small square footage of the building itself. While sporting a relatively low maximum occupancy, the seating was spread out in a way that maximized personal space for customers while optimizing the floor plan to allow for as many guests as possible. Other things of note include the rare choice between Coke and Pepsi products for drinks, and a wide variety of ice cream flavors that appears to vary often, keeping things fresh. To top it all off the price points are very reasonable.

In conclusion, Ethan and Turner decided to give Blazers a strong 7/10. While not the most unique establishment in Gardner, it has a lot of character and for the quality of food and service, the price is fair. Blazers is a safe bet for a good stop for the next date night, celebration after a sporting event, or even just a small treat after a long day of work or school.