“The Addams Family” Cast and Crew Are Excited for This Year’s Musical


Shelby Harding

The performance of The Addams Family performed by the GEHS theatre program.

Victor Villagrana, Reporter

Update: Showtimes have been postponed to November 3, November 4, and November 6 at 7 pm. 

October is around the corner and so is the fall musical “The Addams Family.” The musical will take place on three dates, October 27, 28, and 30. Directed by Mr. Hagg and with the help of all the great cast, they will bring you an awesome musical.

“They should watch this next one coming up because it’s pretty funny and comedic, with a lot of characters,” Keegan Neff, who plays Gomez Adams said. “I’m pretty sure a lot of people will like it.” 

The cast has been working extra hard throughout Covid and the school year. The cast will be wearing masks throughout the musical ensuring everyone is safe.

“We have to wear masks for this musical, there’s a lot of social distancing protocols we have to follow,” Piper Warren, who plays Morticia Addams said. “It makes it more difficult but it’s a challenge you have to fight.” 

All of the cast members are excited to show everyone what they have produced. 

“You should definitely come to see this musical ‘cause it’s gonna be an awesome watch, and it’s definitely one of our best musical productions,” Zach Jewell, who plays Mal Beineke, said.

Adult tickets are $10, and tickets for children are $5.

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