Student Spotlight: Jayden Good


Serge Otiankouya, Reporter

Jayden Good is a junior who plays baseball and his hobbies include doing educational activities and having outdoor fun.

“I like doing homework, I like downhill mountain biking and wakeboarding,” said Good.

A hidden talent that Good has is making high-pitched sounds verbally.

“I’m really good at whistling for some reason,” said Good.

One fun fact about Good is that earlier this summer, he and a classmate of his started a podcast out of pure boredom.

“Me and Thomas, the other person on the podcast were thinking over the summer to do something and were like you know let’s start a podcast, so we get into [it], we go buy stuff, start recording,” said Good.

The podcast, called “Random B.S” got a large number of views which kept the interest for Good to keep the idea alive.

“It blows up we got 2000 views on 10 episodes so it’s doing good right now,” said Good.

Another fun fact about Good is that he’s a big sushi lover.

“I love sushi, I could eat sushi for every meal,” said Good.

His favorite restaurants include RA Sushi Bar Restaurant and Sake Lounge.