Winter Sports Recap

Maddie Owens , Staff Writer

Girls Basketball

Senior Cassidy Androff

How do you feel the season began?

The season started out pretty good. I started out pretty good, but it’s a team sport so we all have to contribute.


Junior Taylor Carpenter

What is your favorite memory?

This girl fell, so I went and grabbed the ball and I tripped over her and face planted but I still passed the ball to Skylar and she still made a layup. But I completely ate hardwood.


Boys Basketball

Senior Anthony Reed

What’s one thing you think the team could improve on?

Right now our shooting is kind of lower than we’d like it to be. I think it just kind of comes with practice, and slowing down while taking shots, so that way you feel confident with it.


Sophomore Lucas Soza

What did the team do best this season? 

Putting in all the hard work at practice because we already have more wins than we did last season.

Does basketball affect your studies positively or negatively?

Positively  because during basketball season, mom is on  me a lot harder to get my stuff done.


Senior Devan Toomey

What do you look for in a teammate?

Someone who shares the ball and knows the offense really well and just always encouraging.

What will you miss about basketball after you graduate?

I’ll miss hanging out with my teammates all the time and being able to have that team bonding during the season.




Sophomore Kaiden Chindavong

How has the season been so far? 

It’s been going very good. I’ve had a great time. The team is great, and overall I’ve improved greatly.


Junior Jackson Flowers

What do you  love the most about wrestling?

The challenge. Because not many people are able to do some of the things that wrestlers do. I take pride in being able to do that.


Sophomore Taven Ewbank

What is one interesting thing that has happened to the team thus far?

Bus rides.